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Welcome msn-nicks-generator.de the absolut best Msn Nicks Maker & Mess Letters text generators on the Internet .With our various MSN Nicknamen (Chatnamen) / text generators, you can generate impressive so good nick. Whether the color colorful MSN Nicknames weirdmaker (Text Maker) or creative nick with the nick Text Generator. Pimp you your nickname.
Make a really nice nickname with Weirdmaker No1 ! Make your friends jealous with the coolest fonts and symbols!
The Nicknames Text Styler can pick your nickname spend up to 30 Crazy Text / Weird Styles

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Convert your boring old plain text into new cool text with this easy tool! You can use the new text as your nickname or just for chatting in msn messenger.

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    You can use the weird maker text krabbels in chats like xat, gmail, ymail, yahoo, msn messenger, skype and loads more.


    Msn text generators are not the only generators that we have here, we have lots of free downloads to the topic colorful MSN Nicks. Gradually, the MSN text / Style generators are developed. We wish to create a lot of fun with MSN Nicks.



    New Text / Weird Styles 2011

      NEW: Text Weird Styles !!! bsp:

      ńΣúΣ tΣxt śtýlΣś

      ᅮᄐ꒽ᅮ ꒳ᄐエℜ꒯ ꒚ᅮꐮ꒒ᄐ꒚

      †ⓔӾ† Ŵⓔìяð Ƨ†¥ℓⓔƧ

      From now on every month, new styles to MSN Nicks, so we want to offer you a unique service.

      Text Generator Tipps: You can also sayings, quotes, to prepare you for Soial profiles such as Facebook, Myspace & Social fun composing your own order!
      Once the composition has a copy and paste your new nickname and amaze your friends -


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Note: To use the color MSN nicks to get to your MSM to use CTRL + C (Copy) and paste it in the Messenger CTRL + V over

Write your text in the first box and then it will automaticaly appear in the other boxes as new text! Then just highlight the text and copy + paste it.

Weird Maker No1

MSN Nicks Letters Creator by msn-fun.de (nl)

----->Met onze MSN Letters maak je pas écht een mooie MSN Naam!
Maak je vrienden jaloers met de coolste lettertypes.

Pimp your MSN Nicknamen.

MSN Color Codes - Color Nicks

MSN color codes New (window is draggable and scale, easy to push side;)

Click the color that is uploaded for your MSN Nicks and MSN, you get the color code.

weirdmaker / Crazy Letter´s Generator - over 30 Text Styles

MSN Nickname / Crazy Text / Letters Generator - Generate you your cool Nicks with different Letters Symbols!


new Text Styles , we have 10 new TEXT Styles

New: Color MSN Nicknames Maker .

    create Color Nicknamen with Color MSN Nicknames Maker . MSN Gradient Styler and more

color text maker


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Create Color MSN Nicks with Color MSN Nicks Maker.


    Have fun composing your own order!
    Once the composition has a copy and paste your new nickname and amaze your friends