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We will continue the next day new text styles in the moment you have to thank 30 text styles for msn-fun.de This weird / text generator will let you create cool character effects for your nickname which you can use for your MSN Messenger and Forum´s. All you have to do is enter your nickname below and pick a style that you like!

-----> Instructions: Simply engeben nickname, and your desired nickname makie Copy and paste the messnger. more on that below ..

Weird Maker V4 by msn-fun.de - Weird Maker MSN Letters & Names

In the new version of weird Maker Nick fun.de were almost all text styles optimized and completely new text styles have been added.

Eingabe Nickname:

new Classic Special Nicks Style (new)

Weird Msn Letters : H4k3r

Weird Msn Letters: BrEeZaH

Weird Msn Letters : Craxy Gotic

Weird Msn Letters : Baloons

Weird Msn Letters : Baloons Big

Weird Msn Letters : Old-Style

mini Love-Style (new)
Crazy-Style (new)
Weird Msn Letters : Flipped Text
Weird Msn Letters :Arabia Crazy Text
Japan Text

China ԵȝՃԵ


Cool Weird Text 2010 Style

Love-Craxy-Style (new)

Craxy Flip Nomal Style

Old Craxy Text (ΦlD टЯǞжყ ƮęжƮ)

Cool Text Style

Bigger Nicks Textstyle

Magic Nicks Textstyle

Western Textstyle

Weird Msn Letters :DEVIL

Style Textstyle

Classic Nicks Textstyle

Weird Msn Letters : Fun

Hinweis:Um den MSN Nicks,in dein MSM zu bekommen benutze STRG +C (kopieren) und dann im Messenger STRG + V(einfügen)


Text generator Tips: Du kannst auch Sprüche , Zitate, um stylen für Soial Profile wie Facebook, Mayspace & Co

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MSN Emoticons

    new Text Styles - Text-Generator

    alle dick makierte Text Styles sind im Text-Generator neu dazu gekommen created by tattoeman for msn-fun.de


    ASCII Nicks Maker *new*

    ASCII Nicks  mAKeR No1

    ASCII Nicks ganz einfach mit dem

    MSN ASCII Tricks


    Special Symbols

    ƸӜƷ Butterfly ☮ Peace Sign
    ♩♪♫♬ Music Note
    ☨ Cross Sign ☯ Yin Yang ♔ Crown
    ☆ Empty Star ★ Full Star
    ಌ Heart ♦ Diamond ♥ Black Heart

    ☁ Cloud ☀ Sun ☂ Umbrella
    ♀ Female ♂ Male

    more Symbols

MSN Nicks Text Creator by msn-fun.de



Msn Nicks auf deutsch MSN Nick In mein Messenger einfügen

Hinweis:Um den MSN farblichen Nicks,in dein MSM zu bekommen benutze STRG +C (kopieren) und dann im Messenger STRG + V(einfügen)mehr my-msn-nicks.de

Msn NamesAdd to my MSN Messenger Nick

Note: To use the color MSN nicks to get to your MSM to use CTRL + C (Copy) and paste it in the Messenger CTRL + V () over my-msn-nicks.de

MSN Farbcodes

MSN Farbcodes New(Fenster ist verschiebar und skalierbar einfach zu seite schieben ;)

Click on color for you your MSN Nicknames and generated a MSN Colorcodes.

New: Color MSN Nicks Maker New

bunte msn nicks maker




Nicks mAKeR No1

In the text style maker you can generate nicks in Crazy fonts.

Thus a aufallen guaranteed in the list!

Nicks Style Generator

MSN Nicks Styler

New Generators MSN Nicknamen Creator. Ständige Ausbau Garantiert!!

MSN Nick Color Coder

MSN Farb Generator

Whether it provides with MSN Colour Coder or our new generators you beautiful color gradients for your MSN nickname.


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